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Grass Roots: A History of Cannabis in the American West is now available from Oregon State University Press!


Recommended by "Curious About Cannabis" podcast!

Praise for Grass Roots:

"Grass Roots challenges the current cannabis industry to change its course."
-Katie Shapiro, Forbes

"...a bright spot in the ever-expanding landscape of cannabis literature...Grass Roots is a valuable contribution that will hopefully lead people to think more about the cannabis plant's ecological existence."
-Chris DuVall, University of New Mexico

"admirable work ... Grass Roots tells an important history and raises timely questions about the aftermath of legalization."
-Allyson Brantley, University of La Verne

"... a quick, engaging read ... a valuable contribution to our understanding of the history of cannabis in the United States."
-Adam Rathge, University of Dayton

"With his smart primer on the history of cannabis as a crop, Johnson adds a necessary addition to the growing body of literature on America's favorite plant."
-Emily Dufton, author of Grass Roots: The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Marijuana in America

"[An] immaculate blend of scholarly research and short character sketches." 
-Max Thornberry, Eugene Weekly

"...one of the first historians to study cannabis from an environmental and agricultural perspective."
-Elizabeth Elliott, Perspectives on History